The Penfield Education Foundation has merged with the long-standing Penfield Scholarship Association to continue to offer scholarships for graduating seniors at Penfield High School.  Founded in 1951, the Penfield Scholarship Association has awarded over 1,100 scholarships to graduating seniors totaling over $425,000.  With this merge, the Penfield Education Foundation will now oversee the existing scholarships awarded to students in June of each year.  It is the goal of the PEF to increase the number of awards granted as well as increase the amount students receive.  If you are interested in creating a scholarship, or donating to the general scholarship fund, please contact us!


2019 Penfield Education Foundation Recipients

Albert E. Beguin – Albert Beguin was the founder of the Penfield Scholarship Association, now renamed Penfield Education Foundation. He designated this award to be given to a graduating senior interested in the medical profession. 2019 Recipient = Tatiana Jose-Santos

Benjamin D. Schnaufer Art Scholarship – this award is selected by the Art Department and honors the PHS student, Benjamin Schnaufer, who took almost every art course that PHS offered.  This award goes to a graduating senior who will be going on to study art in a college program. 2019 Recipient = Abigail Herman

Charlie Coté – this award is selected by the Music Department. The recipient must meet very specific, involved criteria, per the Music Departments and Cotéfamily requirements. 2019 Recipient = Keith Quinmore

Chhim, Him, and Sok Global Citizenship Scholarship – Socheth Sok was a 1998 graduate of Penfield High School. She arrived in the United States knowing very little English and worked incredibly hard to earn her diploma on time and go on to achieve her goals. Socheth is grateful for the support she earned through ESOL (English as a Second Language) and created this scholarship to provide assistance for a student who has received ESOL services or whose first language is not English, who demonstrates respect and acceptance for people of different cultures, and empathy for people who face challenges here and around the world. 2019 Recipient = Kaan Yucel

Class of 1969 Award senior in good standing, B average or higher, going on to higher education. 2019 Recipient = Robert Bradley

Don Mack Award – a four-year renewable scholarship awarded to a graduating senior displaying strong character and community dedication.  Don Mack’s commitment to Penfield was constant and consuming. 2019 Recipient = Josephine Walsh

Dr. Terry Cashmore Pre-Med Scholarship Award – Dr. Cashmore, a member of PHS’s Class of 1965, has established a $500 per year scholarship, over four years, to a senior planning to attend a four-year college with a goal of completing medical school.  Student must be on high honor roll and a member of the National Honor Society.  ADDITIONAL APPLICATION REQUIRED. 2019 Recipient = Ellen Irving

Drama Club Scholarship – this award honors a student who has been an active member of the drama club while attending Penfield High School.  The recipient has a passion for theater and/or plans to be involved with the dramatic arts in the future.  May be more than one recipient. 2019 Recipient = Stephen Kurz

Elmer and Doris Peck Awards for Music – this award is selected and given by the Music Department at their own event.  The recipient of this award has demonstrated significant contributions to the music program, vocal and/or instrumental. 2019 Recipient = Kristina Pendelberry

Jenny’s Scholarship (Jenny Arvan Memorial Award) – Jenny was a kind-hearted, loyal friend, sincere, approachable, and engaging young lady.  Despite her challenges, Jenny demonstrated great perseverance.  The Arvan family has established a scholarship to be awarded to a PHS senior who is pursuing post-secondary studies, demonstrates many of the same characteristics as Jenny, perseveres by overcoming some type of challenge, and active through a community recreational program.  ADDITIONAL APPLICATION REQUIRED. 2019 Recipient = Megan DiFranco

John Vella Award – Mr. Vella was a class president and contributed much to the school community. This award is presented to the senior class president(s) or members of the class council who have displayed incredible leadership and commitment to their class. 2019 Recipient = Rachel Bartkowski

John Turner Award Mr. Turner was a former orchestra teacher at Penfield High School, a contributing community member and a kind and giving man.  This award was established in his memory for a student who has made significant contributions to the high school string program. 2019 Recipient = Trevor Gauronski

Jonathan Ozimek – this award will be given to a member of the senior class who will be pursuing a career in the medical field. 2019 Recipient = MaryGrace Brizendine

Karen Grant Memorial Scholarship – this scholarship was created in honor of a PHS teacher, Karen Grant, who touched the hearts of students by her compassion and grace. She worked tirelessly to help them achieve academic success.  This award will be given to a student who demonstrates persistence in overcoming challenges, tenacity, a strong work ethic, kindness, and tolerance. 2019 Recipient = Seth Walker

Laura and Stephen Blackburn Memorial Scholarship – this award is selected and given by the Music Department at their own event.  The recipient will be a senior vocal student who has demonstrated compassion and kindness, who brings joy to others, and shares their love of music. 2019 Recipient = Emma Rock

LOTE Spanish Scholarship (The Sally Teeter Award) this award is selected by the LOTE department and is given to a student who has a true gift for foreign language and who exemplifies the same passion, high aptitude, and appreciation of languages as did the teacher, Sally Teeter, who taught at PHS for 30 years. 2019 Recipient = Meghan Domroes

Mary H. Lloyd Award – Mrs. Lloyd was a long-time resident of the town of Penfield and truly cared for the community.  The recipient of this award will be a member of the senior class who cares deeply for the Penfield community like Mrs. Lloyd did. 2019 Recipient = John Friberg

Michael Sproule Student Athlete Award – this award is given in memory of Michael A. Sproule who was a strong supporter of the Penfield Central School District and a devoted fan of its boys and girls lacrosse program.  The award is presented to a member of the boys and girls lacrosse team who has displayed leadership on the field and in the classroom. 2019 Recipient = Michael Mitchell and Nina Nesselbush

Penfield Education Foundation (8 Awards available) – these awards are given by the Penfield Education Foundation (previously known as Penfield Scholarship Association). The funds are made possible by the generosity of various organizations, businesses, and residents of Penfield.  The criteria for selecting award recipients is based on scholarship, need, character, and extracurricular involvement. 2019 Recipient = Cecilia Delisanti, Nicholas Fabiano, Kaitlyn Havranek, Gabriel Linares, Raven Phelps, Beth Straight, Ariel Struzyk, and Aron Zbick

Rebecca Lamb Memorial Award – this award is selected and given by the Music Department at their own event.  The criteria is all music related. 2019 Recipient = Stephen Kurz

Robert Demott Memorial Music Scholarship – this award is selected and given by the Music Department at their own event.  The recipient of this award is for a student pursuing a career in vocal music, has a positive and supportive attitude, and is an active participant in the PHS music and/or drama department. 2019 Recipient = Reid Burton

Sharon Stoler Memorial Award – Mrs. Stoler was a beloved Counseling Office secretary who retired from PHS in 2009. Students considered for this award must exemplify a strong sense of school spirit, positive, approachable, and kind characteristics like that of Mrs. Stoler.  The student must also exhibit a strong sense of school spirit. 2019 Recipient = Emma Willette

Tommy Murphy Scholarship this award is given in memory of Tommy Murphy, a member of the Class of 2013.  During his time at PHS, Tommy was an invaluable member of the Robotics team. The recipient of this award must be a member of the Robotics team and exemplify Tommy’s characteristics of leadership, joyfulness and dedication to helping others. 2019 Recipient = Julia Paille and Matthew Sowden

Virginia Urckfitz Memorial Award – Mrs. Urckfitz was a revered and respected teacher at Indian Landing Elementary school.  The recipient of this award is for a member of the senior class who plans on pursuing a career in education, strives to be “the best they can be,” has endured challenges in life that they have overcome, and displays honesty, integrity, empathy, and courtesy. 2019 Recipient = Kayleigh Blalock

William Kern Memorial Award – Mr. Kern was an involved resident of the Penfield community.  He strongly valued education and this memorial award was established for a senior who will be furthering their education after graduation. 2019 Recipient = Brianne Moxley