The Penfield Education Foundation was established in 2016 by a group of community, faculty and parent leaders who believe that education is at the heart of our community. The Foundation believes strongly in ensuring the continuing excellence of the Penfield Central Schools.

As a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, the Foundation will raise funds to support grants for innovative programs that are not supported through the District’s own budget and to support the awarding of scholarships to further the education of Penfield Central School District students.

The foundation has approved by-laws, agreed upon a mission, voted in the founding board, and most importantly merged with the long-standing Penfield Scholarship Association.  In the near future, the PEF will oversee the existing scholarships awarded to 12th grade students in June of each year.  It is the goal of the PEF to increase the number of awards granted as well as increase the amount students’ receive.  The PEF is in the process of creating committees to focus on a number of necessary topics.  The Foundation is in its infancy stage, but is working to take careful steps to ensure its success long into the future.


In the near future the Penfield Education Foundation will sponsor a grant program to directly impact the learning experience for students in the district.  The goal is to finanace education opportunities outside of the District's operating budget.  The grants enable faculty and staff members to create innovative programs within their classrooms, purchase equipment, and provide material to create intriguing and hands-on projects for students that enhance their educational experience.

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More information on the Penfield Education Foundation grant program coming soon!